Announcing New Student Roster Reports for Teachers

Announcing New Student Roster Reports for Teachers

I hope this correspondence finds you and your students well as we head into the final days of the school year!

Since taking the position of Teacher Liaison, I’ve heard your desire for more and better communication with teachers across the state. As our students continue to rise and we continue to refine the NMTEACH Educator Effectiveness System together, we will continue to provide opportunities for all stakeholders to have a voice.

I write today to share more news on how we’re responding to feedback from educators.

We have heard teachers from around the state request access to the roster of students that are being included and measured in the student achievement growth portion of NMTEACH.  These rosters are generated through a partnership between your school, your district, and the PED.  Based on what we’ve heard, we are now embarking on the next level of functionality–the ability to provide electronic student rosters to you for the 2016-2017 school year, based upon what your district/school has provided to us.

By now you should have received an email from asking you to create a login and password for a site that will provide the opportunity to view your individual student rosters. The students reported on these rosters are used to generate the student achievement growth scores for the NMTEACH Summative Report.  I believe that providing additional transparency about students that have been rostered to you by your school/district will allow for further data analysis at the classroom level and lead to targeted improvements in instructional practice.

Again, thank you for your feedback and ongoing partnership. I hope you find this to be another step forward in our collaboration. Best wishes as you charge towards the end of the year with your students!

Here are some documents to help you understand your student roster:

NMTEACH Student Roster FAQ
NMTEACH Student Roster Report Guide

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