ICYMI: New Mexico Student Featured on NBC News

ICYMI: New Mexico Student Featured on NBC News

On the plains of Eastern New Mexico sits a small rural community with a population of 2200 people, a median income of $28,000 and a county that stretches 2,334 square miles (6,050 km2).  In this vast county sits a small school and in this school is a 17-year-old young lady, Jazmin.  Jazmin was born in Mexico and began to learn English when she moved to the United States. She has a dream of being the first in her family to attend and finish college but deep down considered it just a dream.

The pivotal moment oddly enough was when she took the PSAT/NMSQT in 10th grade. When she received her scores, she was very upset, she tested in the ‘red’ range ‘needing to build skills’ in both Reading/Language and Math. She saw her dream slipping away and was actually tearful.

Jazmin immediately went to the school counselor to ask what she could do and was told to get busy on Khan Academy.  Her scores were linked; she began working in earnest in August and by October her PSAT/NMSQT score improved by 101 points!  She was elated to see that she was firmly in ‘green’ in both subjects.  She took the SAT using a fee waiver in the Spring and scored 1100, another opportunity given to her that allowed her to continue her voyage towards her dream.

Jazmin promptly went to the counselor and said, “I feel as if my dream of college is getting closer and closer to reality. I can do better; I will be on a more rigorous practice schedule this summer with my goal being to raise my overall score by 150-200 points. I wouldn’t even have the confidence to set a high goal if it were not for the opportunity I have been given through Khan Academy. Additionally, I am so grateful that my math teacher learned to use Khan in the classroom to push us even further. For the first time in my school career I feel as if I really can do this!”  This time it was the counselor who became tearful.

-This narrative was submitted by the College Board 

This week, Jazmin was featured in an NBC News story, “Road to College: Student Shows Improving Standardized Test Scores Takes Practice, Not Money

Khan Academy Resources 

Did you know that the state pays for every high school sophomore to take the PSAT and are provided with a free linked Khan Academy account? You can access the resources that Jazmin utilized for FREE. Use the resources below to learn more.

If you have questions, or you’d like to learn more please contact:
Bobbi Eichhorst
State Initiatives Education Administrator
College and Career Readiness Bureau
Phone: (505) 827-6712
Email: Barbara.Eichhorst@state.nm.us

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