New Mexico Teacher Spotlight: Edward Pena

New Mexico Teacher Spotlight: Edward Pena

The Best part of teaching is when you get to see the students after they graduate and find out what they are doing and especially when they say, “Thank you!”

I am a graduate of Cobre High School, Class of 1981 and a graduate of Western New Mexico University in 1986 with a BA in Zoology/Education and MA in Counseling in 2001. I have been teaching since 1987.  I first taught in Fabens, TX, Fabens Middle School Science, which taught me a great deal of my core foundational practices as a teacher. I returned to my community and have been Teaching/Counseling at Cobre High School since 1988.  I taught high school sciences, which included Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Physical Science and Earth Science, for 14 years.  While teaching I was a sponsor for the Math, Engineer, Science, Engineering Achievement, Inc. (MESA) organization, Department Chairperson and National Honor Society Sponsor.  I also coached tennis for 15 years.  Being able to work with students outside of the regular school day was a true gift.  For the past 16 years I have been the School Counselor.  I am always amazed to say that I have been in education for 31 years.  I still enjoy the challenge of learning and working with students and staff.  I am first and foremost a teacher, and continue that in my practice as the school counselor.  I strive to be active in the school, in the classroom, and work to help teach students other aspects to prepare them for their future.  I work to stay active within the school and continue to support students, staff and other district schools.

I wish I could say that I was unique in my field. There are many teachers within our state that work tirelessly, with little resources and little recognition and yet doing wonderful and inspiring things.  Those are our true gems in the field of education.  All teachers should be recognized, respected and valued for their knowledge and passion for teaching and what they do for our students.  True teaching goes beyond the books, the issues and rules. Schools and teachers get more and more responsibilities, duties, expectations, requirements and roles put upon them, and often with little resources, time, pay and incentive.  However, they still work and do their best, I admire these teachers!  All Teachers are the real New Mexico Spotlights!

Through my years I have had many opportunities afforded to me through my mentors, administrators and district. Their encouragement has always been vital in my growth and the growth of others.  I am fortunate, and I work to create and open up these same opportunities to others.

One of the best parts of teaching is when you see students get the idea or concept. When you see students work and strive for more, and especially when you see them succeed.  I always tell students success is different for everyone.  Some success is huge and some is day to day accomplishment, but no matter what it is success  creates and encourages opportunity.  One of the best parts of teaching for me, is when I see a student’s after they graduate and get to see their success and accomplishments.  It is especially uplifting when the students say, “I finally understand all those things everyone was trying to tell me, and now I understand and wish I could go back and say Thank you!” To me that is when I know I had an impact.

Still after 31 years, I plan to continue in education. I challenge myself to continue to LEARN and continue to TEACH!

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