Highlights from the Third Annual NM Teacher Summit

Highlights from the Third Annual NM Teacher Summit

In case you missed it, June 18th and 19th marked our Third Annual NM Teacher Summit. The event was a huge success with over 1000 teachers from all over the state coming together to celebrate one another and continue to grow in their craft and career.

Check out our highlights from the Third Annual New Mexico Teacher Summit:

  1. Summit Stats

Here are some exciting data points from the Summit.

  • Total number of teachers: over 1000
  • Total number of sessions offered: 244
  • Total number of presenters: 154
  • Total number of learning lounge tables: 49

  1. Teacher-Led and-Supported Sessions

This year’s summit provided teachers with 100% teacher-led or teacher-supported sessions. Each session was presented by a teacher or by a content-area expert supported by one or more teachers. This commitment to teacher-led content inspired the theme of the Summit: Teaching with Purpose. This theme conveys the New Mexico Public Education Department’s (NMPED) theory of action for teacher leadership: if the NMPED equips, empowers, and champions teachers; the teachers will in turn equip, empower, and champion students.

  1. Twice as Many Unique Session Topics as Last Year’s Summit

In addition to meeting the goal of increasing attendance at this year’s Summit, the NMPED is also committed to increasing the amount of unique content offered. This year’s Summit doubled the number of unique sessions offered to teachers, thus creating a very rich and diverse learning experience.

  1. General Sessions Focused on Classroom Practice

This year, each general session was anchored in the theme “Teaching with Purpose”. Within that theme, there were four sub-themes: MY PURPOSE, MY STORY, MY GIFTS, and MY MISSION. Teachers sat with the same table group for each of the four general sessions, fostering relationships and creating networking opportunities. Within this relationship and network building model, each table group used a Bloom’s Taxonomy foldable to process, explore, and create through what they learned in the break-out sessions.

  1. New Way to Connect with the Secretary of Education

This year’s summit included a “coffee clutch” with Secretary of Education Christopher Ruszkowski. When teachers registered for the Summit, they were asked: “What is one thing you would like to say to Secretary Ruszkowski?”. Those questions were then picked at random and answered by the Secretary in a townhall setting. This event was attended by about a third of Summit attendees.

  1. New Pre-Summit Event: The Learning Lounge

This year, the NMPED provided a pre-Summit event called the Learning Lounge. The Learning Lounge took place on the first day in the Summit, before the opening session and was comprised of informal teaching and sharing by community partners, district and school leaders, or teachers at tables in the lower-level area of the convention center.

  1. Teacher Leaders Leading the Charge

Our NM Teacher Leaders were in force at the Summit. They supported the NMPED in planning and organization of and assisted their colleagues at the big event. Some of our teacher leaders even led breakout sessions. This was truly our vision come to life. Teachers equipping, empowering and championing their peers.

The NM Teacher Summit equipped, empowered, and championed our teachers, but don’t take our word for it. Check out what teachers had to say about the event:

“Absolutely fantastic! Relative to what I want to do in my classroom.”
-Texico Teacher

“Very informative, innovative, and helps me to improve my teaching. Perfect! Excellent!”
-Gadsden Teacher

“I learned a lot and was thrilled with the information that I received that I can take back with me.”
-Albuquerque Teacher

“I enjoyed collaborating with other teachers and gained some really great ideas that I can use in my classroom.”
-Farmington Teacher

“Exactly the type of professional development I needed with practical ideas that also stimulated my creativity. ”
-Cimmaron Teacher

“I felt appreciated and motivated!!!”
-Roswell Teacher

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