Teacher Spotlight: Elizabeth Dorado

Teacher Spotlight: Elizabeth Dorado

***Meet Elizabeth Dorado***
9-12th Health and Life Skills
“The most meaningful part of teaching for me is learning. Every student I work with, every lesson I create, every unit I design, and every result I analyze makes me grow as a teacher.”
Born and raised in the east mountains outside Albuquerque, NM, I was identified as a gifted student early in elementary school, but by the end of middle school, I was bored with education and heading down a dangerous path in regards to the choices I was making. Before completing the first semester of my junior year, I dropped out of high school, deeply entangled within a lifestyle of addiction. Eventually embracing recovery and my own education, I became committed to helping others realize their own potential.
With my GED and some community college credits under my belt, I finally received my bachelors in Human Development with a specialization in early childhood education from Pacific Oaks College in 2003. I returned to Albuquerque with a husband and infant son, teaching 5th grade in the same community I grew up in. Just a few years later, we moved to Zacatecas, Mexico to my husband’s family where I taught English as a second language for several institutions across grade levels. When we returned to the Albuquerque area in 2008, I also returned to the 5th grade classroom as a teacher, and to the University of New Mexico as a student. After welcoming our second son to our little family, I graduated with a masters in Counseling Education in 2011 and started working as a school counselor at a state charter.
I love working in the capacity of counselor, but the classroom continued calling to me. When I joined the amazing team at Gordon Bernell Charter school in 2013, maintaining my classroom connection was a non-negotiable. I currently teach several sections of Health and Life Skills to incarcerated adults working towards their high school diplomas within the walls of the Metropolitan Detention Center.

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  1. Your choices are definitely inspirational and you are making a big difference in their lives! Much gratitude to you for believing it is never too late… Your story touches my heart on a deep level because I too could have been (any of us could have been) in the same situations, but you were able to be an example of the hard work and commitment it is to change directions and pursue goals that benefit our lives and those around us. Thank you for your vulnerability, for sharing your story, Elizabeth.

  2. The struggles of addiction you dealt with and the determination to change it is a true inspiration to the students at GBCS! Thank you for you hard work!

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