Teacher Leader Virtual Training Sessions

We are excited to share this series of training sessions related to educational issues and designed for teachers by teachers. Listen in as we interview the movers and shakers in New Mexico education. Click HERE to access the recordings and related materials.

2018-2019 Assessment Information

2018 Graduation Assessment Requirements

NMTEACH Resources – updated July 2018

Resources for Domains 1-4: BY New Mexico Teachers FOR New Mexico Teachers
Domain 1 – Planning and Preparation with Examples
Domain 1 – Planning and Preparation
Domain 1 – Preparation and Planning Artifact List and Examples
Domain 2 – Artifact List
Domain 2 – Creating an Environment for Learning
Domain 2 – How-To Guide
Domain 2 – List of Resources
Domain 3 – Artifact Suggestions
Domain 3 – Teaching for Learning Comprehensive List of Artifacts
Domain 3 – Teaching for Learning
Domain 4 – Professionalism
Domain 4 – Artifact List with Examples

Domain 4 – Professionalism Strategies and Resources for Success
Domain 4 – Professionalism

NMTEACH Resources

NMTEACH Prior Achievement Required for Each Grade and Outcome Combination
Steps and Points
Student Achievement Teacher Resource

Domains 2 and 3 Teacher Resource
Domains 1 and 4 Teacher Resource
Teacher Attendance Teacher Resource
Surveys Teacher Resource
Determining EOC Expected Growth Score

Guidance Document for Review of District Educator Effectiveness Summative Teacher
I Have Questions on My Summative Report

Understanding Education Laws, Regulations, and Policies 

Education Laws, Regulations, & Policies One-Pager with Hyperlinks
Where to Find Public Education Laws Policies
Rule Flowchart
How a Bill Becomes a Law

School Gradesupdated July 2018

To look up a School Grade visit the School Grading Website
School Grades for Educators 2018
Current Standing Explained 2018

PARCC Resourcesupdated July 2018

General Resources

Sample Reports (Available to ALL Districts and Charters)

District Summary of Schools
District Evidence Statement Analysis
School Performance Level Summary
School Evidence Statement Analysis
Student Roster
Individual Student Report ELA and Math Sample

For Families
Individual Student Report ELA and Math Sample
Family Guide to the Scores — Translated Sample Reports – Available in 11 different languages
Understand the Score
Be a Learning Hero

EoC Resourcesupdated July 2018

General Information
EoC Blueprints 17-18 (will be updated for SY 18-19)
EoC Resources

Close Reading Lesson Plans: By teachers, For teachers

These ready-to-use resources were created by NM Kindergarten through 6th grade ELA teachers.
Close Reading Lesson Plans (grades K-6)

Teacher Leadership

Click HERE to find out more about the many opportunities for teachers to lead at the state-level from their classroom. If you have any questions, please email

Teacher Summit Resources

To find a wealth of resources and presentations from our 2017 NM Teacher Summit CLICK HERE
To find a wealth of resources and presentations from our 2018 NM Teacher Summit CLICK HERE