2017 New Mexico Teacher Summit Materials

2017 New Mexico Teacher Summit Materials

Here you can find all the materials from breakout sessions at the 2017 New Mexico Teacher Summit. If you have any questions, please contact teacher.liaison@state.nm.us.

Advanced Placement 101

AP Insight Case Studies
AP Mentoring English Lit – Sample Session Overviews
AP Mentoring Flyer
AP Insight Quick Guide
AP Insight Brochure
AP 101 Session Presentation
2017 Official SAT Practice Flyer

Assessing Content Mastery

Breakout Session Presentation
End of Course (EoC) Exam Resources

Higher Level Lesson Planning


Be A Part of the NM TEAM!

Session Presentation

Effective Family Engagement- Academic Parent Teacher Teams

APTT – Teacher Summit Presentation

Let’s Get Talking


Family & School Partnerships: Supporting Sustainable Family Engagement Programs in Schools

Family and School Partnerships Presentation


Early Reading Goals & Formulas
Goal Setting Superhero Student Worksheet
Good News Note Template
ISIP Monthly Goals – SPANISH
Istation Reward Menu
Student Goal Setting Worksheet
Problem Solving Process
Istation Report Visuals
Student Conferencing Checklist
Student Goal Setting Worksheet
Student Goal Setting Worksheet – version 2
Session Presentation
Istation Teacher Implementation Checklist
Tier Pyramid

Khan Academy – Connecting Free Practice to the Classroom

Khan Teacher Summit Presentation
Steps for Linking Your Kahn Academy Account
SAT Practice Teacher/Coach Guide

More Than A Hunch: Three Concrete Techniques for Gathering Real-Time Data about Student Understanding

Session Handouts & Worksheets
Session Presentation

New Mexico DASH (Data, Accountability, Sustainability, and High Achievement)

90 Day Plan Planning Process Workbook
NM DASH Teacher Summit Presentation
NM DASH 90-day Plan Feedback Tool


Classroom Environment Presentation
Domain 1 Presentation
NMTEACH Full Rubric

Public School Finance, Funding, Outlook and Prioritization

Public School Finance Presentation

Reflections on Education in New Mexico with Acting Secretary Christopher Ruszkowski

NM Teacher Summit – Acting Secretary Ruszkowski

The 2017 New Mexico Dream Team – Calling all Social Studies Teachers!

Calling All Social Studies Teachers – Join the Dream Team Presentation
Sample Social Studies Lesson Plan

The New Mexico Career Cluster Guide: What It Means For Your Students

Career Cluster Guide (Online Version)

The Power of Close Reading and The New Mexico Dream Team

Literacy Dream Team Presentation
Close Reading Handouts
New Mexico Close Reading Lesson Plans