Teacher Leader Virtual Training Sessions

Teacher Leader Virtual Training Sessions

We are excited to share this series of training sessions related to educational issues and designed for teachers by teachers. Listen in as we interview the movers and shakers in New Mexico education. Included below are the recordings and related materials. Contact us with questions. Your Teacher Liaisons, Alicia and Isaac

Training #1: Equity in Education
Our first podcast features Deputy Secretary Matt Montano where he defines what equity means for teachers and students in New Mexico. Listed below are the resources that go along with this training on equity in education:

  • the Equity Conversation Organizer to fill out after completing the training session
  • 3 Practices to Promote Equity in the Classroom Edutopia to reference regarding how to promote equity in your classroom
  • a link to the recording which you can access HERE
  • a link to “Carlos Doesn’t Remember” a podcast which further explores this topic and which you can access HERE
    • Of the tens of thousands of talented, low-income students who graduate from high school every year in the United States, most never make it to universities appropriate to their gifts. America leaves an enormous amount of talent on the table every year. “Carlos Doesn’t Remember” explains why.

Training #2: Education Policy
Our second podcast features Ashley Eden, Director of Strategic Initiatives, and Jamie Gonzales, Policy Analyst, where they explain education policy at both a federal and state level. Listed below are some resources that go along with this training on education policy, including:

Training 3#: Family Engagement
Our third podcast features Gloria Ruiz, the NMPED Family Engagement Coordinator, where she provides an overview on how parental involvement has evolved to family engagement and explains how teachers can make tweaks to their current practices to elevate their work with parents and families. Listed below are the resources that go along with this training on family engagement:

Training #4: Lesson Planning
Our fourth broadcast features Hannah Peria, Deputy Director of Priority Schools, where she reviews how the most successful teaching begins with clarity about desired learning outcomes and about the evidence that will show that learning has occurred. Listed below are some resources that go along with this training on lesson planning, including:

Training #5: Refinement and Reflection: Improving Our Craft
Our 5th training session is a self-paced mini lesson designed to provide opportunities to reflect on classroom practices. Click on the link below to access to information.

Refinement and Reflection: a self paced mini lesson